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Travel Preparation -- University of Notre Dame

If you have not already done so please fill out the JINA-CEE visitor application:   http://www.jinaweb.org/html/visitorform.html


If you are being reimbursed for airfare----Travelers on federal-funded trips must book the lowest priced coach/economy class airfare available. Travelers outside the continental United States must travel on U.S. affiliate carriers at coach rates when at all possible. Along with the Fly America Act, there have been some Open Skies Agreements between the US and some countries where federal funded transportation is allowed. This includes the EU, and in some cases Australia, Switzerland, and Japan. Of course any rules specified by the grant comes first.

* Notre Dame's Policy:
* A decision tree:
* US General Services Administration:

Be sure to keep all airline tickets/receipts. For E-tickets we will need a copy of 2 of the following elements as support:

  • Itinerary reflecting airline, flight numbers, departure/arrival dates and times, and

  • Receipt listing total flight cost, payment method (e.g., Visa ************1234), and evidence of full payment. OR Passenger receipt (Obtain at the check in counter or at the KIOSK machines) Please note: boarding passes are not accepted as receipts.

Note: Itinerary/Receipt requirements may be satisfied by the same summary document depending upon method used by the airlines or travel company.

If the on-line receipts to support travel-related expenditures reflect proper cost and evidence of full payment, additional substantiation via copies of credit card statements reflecting the charge will not be required.

South Bend Regional Airport:   http://www.sbnair.com
Chicago Airports:                  http://www.ohare.com/

Coach USA (buses) (Chicago to South Bend)

If you prefer to fly into Chicago and use Coach USA bus lines to get to South Bend: visit this website: http://www.coachusa.com/tristateunitedlimo/. Arrive 25 minutes before time of departure. You have the choice of a round-trip or one-way ticket . The bus will take you to the South Bend Airport or directly to Notre Dame campus. Many people have used the option and find it to be a pleasant trip.

South Shore Line (Chicago to South Bend)

Another option to flying into Chicago is the Chicago's South Shore Line, here's a website for you to visit: http://www.nictd.com. Go to the Randolph St. Station and from there you can catch a train to South Bend. Please be sure to keep your receipts for reimbursement (i.e. Taxi and Train).

VISA Travel for Foreign Visitors

If you do not have a US passport or permanent resident card, you will need to enter the US as a visitor on a waiver for business or business visa (either WB or B1). When you arrive in the US, the business purposes should be research collaborations (i.e. a B1 designation - be sure the port of entry stamps appropriately) or under the visa waiver program and you are requesting a waiver for business purposes (i.e. a WB designation -be sure the port of entry stamps your passport appropriately) and take the letter of invitation from Notre Dame with you when you apply. For travelers coming from countries who participant in the VISA waiver program, please note new requirements for this visa went into effect September 8, 2010 for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) registration - you must apply for the ESTA prior to travel at the following link : https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/. Either status (B1 or WB) will enable us to reimburse (travel, meals, lodging). We must have a copy of your passport page and stamped visa page to reimburse expenses.

Note: Countries that do not participant in the Visa Waiver Program will need to apply to their Embassy or Consulate for the B1 visa. It is important that you state you are planning a temporary business related travel to the United States Independent research, no salary/income from a US based source, or benefit to US institution. More information on B1 visa :

When you arrive at your US destination, the first thing you should do is see the appropriate JINA-CEE administrator at your host institution. The JINA-CEE administrator will need a copy of your passport page, visa page (WB or B1) to reimburse expenses. You may also have to fill out various forms related to your stay with JINA-CEE. Please note that without copies of these documents and all of the appropriate forms completed before you leave the US, JINA-CEE may not be able to reimburse your expenses. So, it is very important that this be done as soon as possible during your stay.

New Regulations Regarding VISA Travel to the US

The US continues to change its requirements for various types of VISA Travel to the US. So it is very important that you check with the appropriate state and federal agencies for new regulations.


Be sure to check with the US embassy in your country and with the US Department of State for the latest regulations and rules for entering the US.

Visitor Parking on Campus

Go to the JINA-CEE visitor webpage for directions and parking.

Contact for JINA-CEE/UND

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Weikel for assistance.

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