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JINA Archives 2011

News & Events

JINA Worshop -- A JINA/NNDC satellite workshop on "Emerging Needs for Nuclear Data" took place in East Lansing, MI, after the APS/DNP Fall meeting from Oct. 29-31, 2011. Website

Installation of a new accelerator underway -- The installation of a new nuclear accelerator has begun at Notre Dame. Construction will continue on this project for the next few months. Details | Website | More | Local News

JINA Worshop -- EMMI-JINA workshop on "Nucleosynthesis beyond Iron and the Lighter Element Primary Process" was held at the ExtreMe Matter Institute (EMMI), at GSI, Germany. Website

JINA Worshop -- 7th ANL/INT/JINA/MSU Annual FRIB Workshop on "Interfaces Between Nuclear Reactions and Structure" took place at the Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, Seattle from August 10 to 12, 2011. Website

New Insights into the Evolution of a Supernova -- JINA/ND astrophysicist Peter M. Garnavich and a team of collaborators have used observations from the Hubble Space Telescope to provide new insights into the evolution of a nearby supernova, “SN 1987A," the nearest supernova to the Earth in 300 years. Details

JINA/ND astrophysicists identify missing fuel for Galactic star formation -- The Milky Way will have the fuel to continue forming stars, thanks to massive clouds of ionized gas raining down from its halo and intergalactic space. This is the conclusion of a new study by Nicolas Lehner and Christopher Howk, faculty at the University of Notre Dame/JINA.
Details | Science | Hubble

JINA Worshop -- The Kocaeli University in Turkey and the JINA organized a "P-process Workshop" in Istanbul, Turkey from May 25 to 27, 2011. Website

JINA Worshop -- Joint JINA and Universe Cluster hosted an "Astrophysical Nuclear Reaction Network School" at Abtei Frauenwörth, Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany from April 10 to 17, 2011. Website || Wiki

Putting Rare Isotopes on the Scale -- Physics Viewpoint on new result from SHIPTRAP / JINA collabo-ration. The hydrogen burning reaction sequence during X-ray bursts encounters a newly discovered island of nuclei that can easily emit alpha particles.
Read Viewpoint | Read article

JINA Worshop -- JINA has organized a workshop on "Nuclear Physics in Hot Dense Dynamic Plasmas" at the London Centre of the University of Notre Dame, UK from March to 14, 2011. Website || Talks

Superfluid State for Galaxy's Youngest Neutron Star? -- New results from JINA/ UNAM/ Athens/ Stony Brook collabo-ration on the nature of neutron stars. A neutron star in Cassiopeia A could be cooling to form an exotic state of matter. Read article

St George Recoil Separator Being Installed -- The infrastructure for this important new system at ISNAP of Notre Dame is currently being completed and preliminary testing will begin soon. Details | Website | LivePicture

Learn Nuclear Physics with Magnetic Marbles -- JINA and NSCL have developed a hands-on system based on marbles, accelerator models, and lesson plans, which can be used to teach nuclear astrophysics. Details

HSHSP Program Students mentored by JINA members chosen as semi-finalists for Siemens and Intel competitions. -- Read more

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