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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2014





Special Nuclear Seminar: Double beta decay and matter dominated universe

January 14

Tadafumi Kishimoto
Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University, Japan

Nuclear Structure Studies with the Active-Target Time-Projection-Chamber: Moving Towards Exotic Beams

January 20

Tan Ahn
NSCL/Michigan State University

Ion Traps for Astrophysics

January 27

Jason Clark
Argonne National Laboratory

Probing Properties of the Weak Interaction using Trapped Atoms and Ions

February 3

Daniel Melconian
Texas A&M University

Fishing in a sea of Xe – Barium-ion tagging for 136Xe double-beta decay studies with EXO

February 17

Thomas Brunner
Stanford University

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry of Heavy Isotopes

February 18

Stephan Winkler
University of Vienna, Austria

Special Nuclear Seminar: Nuclear astrophysics constraining cosmology

February 20

René Reifarth
Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nuclear Data Measurements at LANSCE: The NIFFTE fission TPC

February 24

Rhiannon Meharchand
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Modifications of the Nuclear Shell Structure: Spectroscopy in Islands of Inversion

March 3

Kathrin Wimmer
Central Michigan University

Advances in Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics

March 31

Gavin Lotay
University of Surrey, UK

Isospin Invariant Energy Density
Functional Approach

April 14

Javid Sheikh
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

An Advanced Ion Guide for Beam Cooling and Bunching for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Rare Isotopes

April 22

Bradley Barquest

The TRIUMF experience with the
Design, Fabrication and Commissioning
of Large Gap Wien Filters

April 28

Syd Kreitzman

Neutrino and neutron spectroscopy using trapped ions

May 5

Nicholas Scielzo
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Special Nuclear Seminar: Rare Isotope Science Project in Korea

June 16

Young Kwan Kwon
Institute for Basic Science, Korea

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