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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2013





Exotic Modes of Collective Nuclear Excitations-Nuclear Tidal Waves and the phenomenon of Multiple Chiral Bands

January 21

Daniel Ayangeakaa
University of Notre Dame

Halo World: The Story of Nuclear
Halos and the Efimov Effect

January 28

Indranil Mazumdar
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
and TUNL, Durham, NC

Aspects of the Structure of Exotic Nuclei
and New Opportunities with GRETINA

February 4

Augusto O. Macchiavelli
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nuclear Astrophysics in China

February 11

Xiaodong Tang
University of Notre Dame

Experimental Study of Resonant States in 26Si and 27P to Investigate the 25Al(p,γ)26SI and 26Si(p,γ)27P Reactions

February 18

Hyo Soon Jung
University of Notre Dame

Exploring the Nuclear Physics Opportunities of CARIBU at ANL

February 25

Scott Marley
University of Notre Dame

Improved Rate Calculations
for Low Mass Reactions

March 4

R. James deBoer
University of Notre Dame

The Nucleosynthesis of Heavy
Elements in AGB Stars

March 18

Sara Bisterzo
INAF-Astronomical Observatory Turin / University of Torino, Italy

Weak Decay Properties from QRPA Calculations with Realistic Forces

March 19

Dong-Liang Fang
NSCL, Michigan State University

Measuring the t+t Neutron Spectrum at Inertial Confinement Fusion Facilities

March 25

Jac Caggiano
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

First Direct Measurement of the O-17(p, gamma)F-18 Reaction Cross Section at Gamow Energies for Classical Novae

April 1

Gianluca Imbriani
University of Naples, Italy

Prospects for Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments in Korea

April 4

Kevin I. Hahn
Ewha Womans University, Korea

Toward Realistic Description of Low-energy Fusion of Light Ions for Astrophysics

April 8

Guillaume Hupin
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Electron-induced Nuclear Excited State Population Effects on NIF Thulium Radiochemistrya>

April 15

Rob Hoffman
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nuclear Physics and r-Process Nucleosynthesis

April 22

Matt Mumpower
University of Notre Dame

Superdeformation and alpha - cluster
structure in 35Cl

April 26

Abhijit Bisoi
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India

Nuclear Diagnostics and the Search for Fusion

April 29

Stephanie Lyons
University of Notre Dame

Constraining the EOS of Dense Matter and the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction from Neutron Star Observations

June 21

Andrew Steiner
University of Washington

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