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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2011





Learning about the Heavens on Earth
using Radioactive Ion Beams

January 24

Ronaldo De Souza
Indiana University

Study of Short and Long lived Rare Isotopes

January 31

Alfredo Galindo Uribarri
Oak Ridge National Lab

Proton-Proton Correlation Functions
as a Probe to Reaction Dynamics

February 7

Micha Kilburn
Michigan State University

Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments at the
High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source

February 14

James deBoer
University of Notre Dame

Angular Distribution Anisotropy of the Ec.m.=2.68-MeV Resonance in
the 12C(a, g)16O Reaction

February 21

Daniel Sayre
Ohio State University

Cooling Neutron Star in Cas A: Evidence for Superfluidity in the Core

February 28

Dima Yakovlev
Joffe Institute, Univ. of St. Petersburg, Russia

Spin-isospin Studies with RI-beam
Induced Charge Exchange Reactions

March 1

Tomohiro Uesaka
Center for Nuclear Study
University of Tokyo

68Se rp-Process Waiting Point

March 7

Marcelo Del Santo
Michigan State University

Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics and Other Applications

March 21

Jutta Escher
LabLawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics
of r-Process Nucleosynthesis

March 28

Rebecca Surman
Union College, NY

The Role of 12C(12C,n) in the Astrophysical S-Process

April 4

Brian Bucher
University of Notre Dame

Status of the ReAccelerator facility RεA for rare isotopes

April 13

Daniela Leitner
Michigan State University

Recent Events in Japan: my experience and radiation concerns

April 18

Jay LaVerne
University of Notre Dame

Exploring Correlations in Exotic Nuclei

April 19

Rebecca Shane
Washington University St. Louis

The level structure of 18Ne and its importance in the 14O(a,p)17F reaction rate

May 2

Sergio Almaraz-Calderon
University of Notre Dame

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