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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2010





Nuclear Astrophysics Underground

January 25

Michael Wiescher
University of Notre Dame

Basic Nuclear Science at the National Ignition Facility: Promise and Progress

February 1

Carl Brune
Ohio University

Colloquium: Nuclear Science and
the New Standard Model

February 3

Michael Ramsey-Musolf
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Studying the (a,p)-process in X-ray Bursts with Radioactive Ion Beams at ATLAS

February 8

Catherine Deibel
Argonne National Lab

Journey to the Core of an Accreting Neutron Star

February 9

Edward Brown
Michigan State University

Special Lecture Series: Nuclear Alarmism
from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda

February 11

John Mueller
Ohio State University

Decay spectroscopy for H-burning reactions in novae and XRB

February 15

Livius Trache
Texas A & M

Instantaneous-Shape Sampling for
Calculation of the Electromagnetic
Dipole Strength in Transitional Nuclei

February 22

Stefan Frauendorf
University of Notre Dame

Special Lecture Series: Military Use and Purpose of Nuclear Weapons

February 25

Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff
Former Deputy Director, System Engineering, NRO

Overview of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory

March 1

Alberto Lemut
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Developing a surrogate for neutron Capture on nuclei away from stability

March 16

Jolie A. Cizewski
Rutgers University

Colloquium: Applying Nuclear Physics to Address Challenges in National Security

March 17

Jolie A. Cizewski
Rutgers University

Extracting Radiative-capture Cross Sections from Coulomb Dissociation

March 22

Pierre Capel

Insights into Exotic Nuclear Structure
from the Stopped RISING Experimental Campaign

March 29

Paddy Regan
University of Surrey, UK

14N+p Elastic Scattering and the S-factor for 14N (p, gamma) 15O at Stellar Energies

April 12

Peter Bertone
Argonne National Laboratory

Special Lecture Series: Nonproliferation
Talks with North Korea

April 14

Tony Namkung
Murray Hill Consultants, LLC

Recent Results from Helios

April 19

Alan Wuosmaa
Western Michigan University

Colloquium: The Fluid Nature of
Quark-Gluon Plasma

April 21

William A. Zajc
Columbia University

Special Lecture Series: The U.S.
Underground Testing Program

April 21

Dick Fortner
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Binding Energies in Nuclei near the N=Z line

April 26

Ian Bentley
University of Notre Dame

Colloquium: "Ab initio" Theory of
Light-ion Reactions

April 28

Sofia Quaglioni
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

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