Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

Nuclear Seminars at Notre Dame

Spring 2005





Nuclear Seminar
From Nuclear Forces to Neutron Stars

  May 23

Achim Schwenk

Nuclear Seminar
Radiation Chemistry in Cosmic Ices: Observational Evidence...

  May 16

Marla Moore

Astrophysics Seminar:
Two Years of INTEGRAL Gamma-Ray Observations...

  April 26

Roland Diehl

Nuclear Seminar:
New results in proton radioactivity: observation...

  April 25

Cary Davids

Astrophysics Seminar:
Spontaneous Inflation and the Origin
of the Arrow of Time

  April 19

Sean Carroll

Astrophysics Seminar: A Dynamical
Chaos Interpretation of Magnetic Field...

  April 12

Dinshaw S. Balsara

Nuclear Seminar:
Experiments in Nuclear Astrophysics

  April 4

Uwe Greife

Red Giants to Planetary Nebulae:
Studying the Transitional Objects

  March 29

Bruce Hrivnak

Double Beta Decay and Nuclear Theory

  March 16

Jon Engel

Explosive nuclear burning and accretion onto neutron...

  Februay 22

Jacob Fisker

Special Joint Nuclear/Astro Seminar:
Nuclear Astrophysics in the Early...

  Februay 17

Falk Herwig

Probing Explosive Stellar Environments with Gammasphere

  January 31

Dariusz Seweryniak

An update on core-collapse supernovae and the r-process

  January 18

Grant Mathews

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