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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Fall 2012





Study of the Sub-Low Energy Fusion Reaction in Metals

August 14

Tieshan Wang
Lanzhou University

New Observations and Nuclear Physics
for Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis

August 20

Carl Brune
Ohio University

Links Between High-K and Low-K
States in 176Lu and 180Ta

Aug. 22
11:00 am

George Dracoulis
Australian National University

Overview of present nuclear physics research in China and progress in development of shell models

August 27

Yang Sun
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Band structures of nuclei near N, Z = 82 shell closures

Sept. 10

Haridas Pai
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, India

Study of the Structure of 9C via the d(10C,t)9C Reaction and the Reliability of Ab-Initio Transfer Form Factors

Sept. 17

Scott Marley
University of Notre Dame

Astrophysics measurements with gas
targets and radioactive beams at HRIBF

Sept. 24

Dr. Dan Bardayan
Oak Ridge National Lab

Nuclear spectroscopy with fast rare-isotope beams

Oct. 1

Alexandra Gade

The carbon fusion project at Notre Dame

Oct. 22

Yunju Li
University of Notre Dame

Giant resonances and the asymmetry term in the nuclear incompressibility

Nov. 5

Darshana Patel
University of Notre Dame

Exotic nuclear structure and origin of
the heavy nuclei with covariant density functional theory

Nov. 12

Jie Meng
University of Peking

Experimental Results of the 33S(α, ρ)36Cl Cross Sections: Implications on 36Cl Production in the Early Solar System

Nov. 19

Matt Bowers
University of Notre Dame

To the continuum and beyond: Using particle-gamma coincidences for nuclear spectroscopy

Nov. 26

Tim Ross
University of Richmond

ANASEN: Recent results and future directions

Dec. 3

Grigory Rogachev

Improved non-destructive assay techniques with VANDLE

Dec. 7

William Peters
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Impact of Proton Resonances of 30,31S on the 29,30P(p, γ)30,31S Thermonuclear Reaction Rates

Dec. 10

Kiana Setoodehnia
McMaster University, Canada

Aspects of the structure of exotic nuclei and new opportunities with GRETINA

Dec. 12

Augusto Macchiavelli
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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