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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Fall 2011





Alpha inelastic scattering and alpha cluster structures in light stable and unstable nuclei

July 14

Takahiro Kawabata
Kyoto University, Japan

On the origin of the huge natural electron accelerators operated in the thunderclouds

July 25

Ashot Chilingarian
National Laboratory of Armenia

Evolution of nuclear shell structure
and its symmetry

August 11

Hironori Iwasaki
Michigan State University

Opportunities with CRC

August 29

Jaroslaw Nabrzyski
University of Notre Dame - CRC

Precision b-decay and b-delayed neutron spectroscopy using trapped radioactive ions

Sept. 12

Nicholas Scielzo
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Visualization Techniques with CRC

Sept. 19

Chris Sweet
University of Notre Dame - CRC

The GoLims Agenda

Sept. 26

Andrew Schoenle

Multi-nucleon transfer reactions and their coupling effects on fusion excitation function

October 3

Sunil Devi
University of Notre Dame

Measurements of 60Fe(g, n) at GSI

October 10

Ethan Uberseder
University of Notre Dame

Plasma Nuclear Science - A new field of research (Postponed to Dec.12)

October 24

Johan Frenje
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ab Initio Configuration-Interaction Calculations in SU(3)-Scheme Basis

October 31

Tomas Dytrych
Louisiana State University

Transfer reactions as a probe
of single-particle energies

November 7

Alan Howard
University of Notre Dame

Excited state lifetimes to reveal nuclear properties

November 14

Volker Werner
Yale University

Effective Boson Number- A Functional Approach for Predicting Separation
Energies with the IBM, Applied to
Zr, Kr, Sr isotopes near A=100

November 21

Nancy Paul
University of Notre Dame

8B Breakup, the Longstanding Puzzle

November 22

Muslema Pervin
Michigan State University

Reaction studies on neutron-deficient nuclei

November 28

Milan Matos
Louisiana State University

Making the most of it ...

December 5

Robert Grzywacz
University of Tennessee

From light nuclei to astrophysics

December 6

Sonia Bacca
TRIUMF, Canada

Plasma Nuclear Science - A new field of research

December 12

Johan Frenje
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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