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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Fall 2009





Half-Life of Fe-60

August 24

Dr. Georg Rugel
TU Munich, Germany

Colloquium: Where, oh Where is the Proton Spin?

August 26

Prof. Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The German Response to the Chernobyl Disaster from 1986: A Radiation Detection System to Discover Nuclear Incidents from the Beginning

August 31

Dr. Andreas Woehr
Saarland University, Germany

Photon-induced reactions for nuclear astrophysics

September 7

Dr. Kerstin Sonnabend
University of Notre Dame and TU Darmstadt, Germany

Evidence for a Primordial Magnetic Field
in the Cosmic Microwave Background
and Large Scale Structure

September 8

Prof. Grant Mathews
University of Notre Dame

Test of level density models from nuclear reactions

September 14

Dr. Babatunde Oginni
Ohio University

Studying Strong Interactions Using Five Dimensions

September 28

Dr. Hovhannes Grigoryan
Argonne National Lab

Pycnonuclear Fusion in the Curst of Accreting Neutron Stars / New Experimental Studies of 44Ti Production

October 5

Beard / Robertson
University of Notre Dame

A New Study of Low Energy (p,gamma) Resonances on Magnesium Isotopes

October 8

Dr. Gianluca Imbriani
University of Naples, Italy

Colloquium: The Structure of Super-Heavy Atomic Nuclei

November 4

Dr. Rod Clark
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Spectrometers and (p,t) Reactions: Tools for Understanding X-ray Bursts

November 9

Shawn O'Brien
University of Notre Dame

Dominance of low spin & high deformation in ab initio approaches to the structure of light nuclei

November 16

Thomas Dytrych
Louisiana State University

Colloquium: Ab initio theory - Building bridges from quarks to the cosmos

November 18

Professor James P. Vary
Iowa State University

First Experiments with the RIBF Facility at RIKEN

November 23

Dr. Georg Berg
University of Notre Dame

Nuclear Many-body Physics with a Time-dependent Approach

December 7

Dr. Alexander Volya
Florida State University

Colloquium: Rare isotopes in cosmic explosions and in accelerators on earth?

December 9

Prof. Hendrik Schatz
Michigan State University

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