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Nuclear Astrophysics Seminars at Notre Dame

Fall 2008





Measurement of Nuclear Astrophysics Reactions in CIAE

August 4

W.P. Liu
CIAE, China Institute of Atomic Energy

Study of Nuclear Weak Response by
Using Strong Interaction

August 5

Yoshitaka Fujita
Osaka University, Japan

Neutrino Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae with Neutrino Oscillations

August 5

Takashi Yoshida
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Studies on nuclear structure on and away from the stability line

August 18

Maitreyee Saha Sarkar
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India

Key Questions in Big Bang Cosmology and the Birth of Space-Time

September 2

Grant J. Mathews
University of Notre Dame

JINA REACLIB in Type-I X-ray Bursts

September 8

Richard H. Cyburt
NSCL, Michigan State University

Reaction Rates for Dense Matter Burning

September 15

Mary Beard
University of Notre Dame

The New Advanced Physics Laboratory in Jordan Hall

September 16

J.W. Hammer
University of Notre Dame

Determination of the 233Pa(n, f) reaction cross-section by surrogate ratio method

September 22

Basanta Nayak
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India

Opportunities for nuclear physics in safeguards

September 24

Dr. Jo Ressler
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Reaction processes in 8Li+208Pb

September 29

Eli F. Aguilera
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Mexico

Alpha-particle resonanaces and algebraic cluster models

September 30

Prof. Jozsef Cseh
Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Experiments and Detectors at TRIUMF for Nuclear Astrophysics

October 6

Lothar Buchmann
TRIUMF, Canada

Nucleosynthesis Processes in the Explosion of Massive Stars

October 13

Carla Froehlich
University of Chicago

Nucleosynthesis Modes in the High-Entropy-Wind of Core-Collapse Supernovae

October 27

Khalil Farouqi
University of Chicago

Pairing in Hot Rotating Nuclei

November 3

Nguyen Quang Hung
RIKEN, Japan

What the most metal-poor stars tell us about the early Universe

November 5

Anna Frebel
McDonald Observatory
University of Texas at Austin

Proximity Decay of Nuclei

November 10

Sylvia Hudan
University of Chicago

Nucleosynthesis from Black Hole - Neutron Star Mergers

November 12

Prof. Gail C. McLaughlin
North Carolina State University

17F(p,g) at the DGS

November 17

Kelly Chipps
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Measuring reaction cross sections to understand the p process

November 24

Artemis Spyrou
NSCL, Michigan State University

Colloquium: Expanding universe and shrinking budgets...what they mean for planning your research

December 3

Ani Aprahamian
University of Notre Dame

Experiments to Further the Understanding of the Triple-alpha Process in Hot Astrophysical Scenarios

December 8

Nidhi Patel
Argonne National Lab, IL

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